The Good Hop - Best Craft Beers in Oakland / East Bay

The Good Hop was founded and opened in June of 2014 by Melissa Myers. A fixture in the Bay Area brewing scene, Melissa was looking to open her own brewery after being a professional brewer for 14 years. However, the economic downturn of 2009 forced her to be creative with her vision and start with something smaller, so she scaled her dream into phases. First, her empire would involve starting with a beer shop and taproom. Since her passion had always involved bringing good beer to good people, she envisioned a place where the community could come together in a warm, convivial setting to hang out and drink and talk about good craft beer. First build the structure, later she could brew the beer and put it on her taps there. It's all part of a grand plan to create a beer empire…mwahahaha!
And hence, The Good Hop was born!
What's happened in the year since has been amazing. She and her incredible and scrappy staff have carved out a little space on a corner of Oakland that offers 16 constantly rotating, unique, and often hard-to-find beers on tap and 450 bottled and canned beers on the legendary #wallobeer. Beers are offered to go or for onsite consumption, so you can literally go in and mix-and-match a six pack to take to that BBQ you're headed to, or grab whatever looks interesting to you and have the staff open it for you and hang out and drink with your friends.
The best thing about TGH is the staff. Melissa, Monte, Maureen, and 
Chantal have all been in the industry for years, but there isn't an ounce of beer snobbery amongst the lot of them. TGH works hard to be a bar where you can feel comfortable walking in as a novice, and they'll work hard to find you a beer you'll like. You won't find any swishing here. You'll just find a staff who really, really likes beer; knows a lot about it; and wants to turn you on to it too. So don't ever be intimidated walking up to the bar and asking for a taste of something! But for you beer-geek types, you'll always find someone behind the bar that will happily talk your face off about beer---it's gotten a rep for being a place where industry folks like to hang out and swap stories and exchange info.
There's always an upcoming event like a killer tap takeover from a great brewery or a Beer and Bike Crawl with other beer bars in the area. We love getting involved with the booming East Bay beer scene and always have something crazy on the agenda. The Good Hop is also located smack in the middle of Telegraph Avenue for First Fridays/Art Murmur, which means it's poppin' every first Friday for the local street festival, with one of the main stages just outside the front door. And TGH doesn't hesitate to bring in tasty food trucks when they know their event will draw a big crowd.
So come on down and visit the good folks at TGH. It's Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Hop!

The Good Hop features:

  • A retail shop offering roughly 450 bottled and canned craft beers from around the world.
  • Sixteen taps featuring primarily local and California brewers’ special beers, seasonal beers.
  • Two ways in which to consume our product: take away or onsite consumption in a convivial, inviting atmosphere.
  • Monthly events featuring Beer and Cheese Pairings and Meet the Brewer nights, as well as tie ins to numerous annual beer events in the Bay Area.


Melissa Myers
I started working as a professional brewer 16 years ago, and from the moment I brewed my first barrel of beer I was hooked. Brewing beer, selling beer, and talking about beer is my passion. I have always had a vision of owning a place dedicated to the art of fine, crafted beer—a place where a community of people who are also passionate about good beer can come together and enjoy and talk about craft beer. My years of brewing experience in the Bay Area have kept me well connected to the thriving local beer scene and have prepared me well for this exciting new venture.

I’m here to help you get in touch with your inner beer geek!


Kathryn White
Social Media Mogul / Whiskey Consultant / General Badass
Nepotism runs rampant at The Good Hop, and Melissa shamelessly hired her wife Kathryn to run the social media for the shop. While Kathryn can usually be found at the bar complaining that TGH doesn't sell whiskey and "what the hell kind of bar doesn't sell whiskey?!" she is slowly learning to appreciate the finer aspects of craft beer thanks to the knowledgeable crew at TGH. Kathryn comes to California by way of Texas and has the fiery and brash personality expected of Texas women. She really knows very little about social media or beer and is mostly winging it, but it all seems to be working out well so far, which, when you think about it, is how she's lived most of her life and that turned out mostly fine. She is wildly in love with their cat, Tiny Little. Melissa calls her a Crazy Cat Lady, which is just rude because everyone knows the cutoff for being considered a Crazy Cat Lady is three cats and we just have the one.
Kathryn is enormously proud of her wife for opening up The Good Hop and realizing her dream because honestly, how many people do that, and is happy to get to pimp the place on social media loud and proud! 

Maureen Gibe
Maureen brings mad beer knowledge to The Good Hop, but don't call her a beer snob---she is a beer enthusiast, thankyouverymuch. She enjoys all aspects of the industry, from the creativity and nuance of the brewing process itself, to the sheer variety of style and flavor that keeps evolving, changing, and inspiring brewers and homebrewers alike to push the envelope. She is a proud East Bay native, born and bred, who has been working in the craft beer industry since 1999.
She cut her teeth at a tiny BJ's Brewhouse in West LA when she was studying at UCLA, starting out as a delivery driver and host. Since then, she has worked at Black Diamond, EJ Phair---both at the Concord location as a server, then as the opening manager for the Pittsburg location. For the past 4+ years, she has been with Ale Industries as the Tap Room Manager in the Concord brewery, then helped open The Pig & The Pickle in Concord and the Jingletown Jazz Room at the Oakland brewery. Ultimately, her talents allowed her to work her way up to Events & Marketing Manager.
She is thrilled to join the small TGH team. "I love the camraderie and cooperative culture of the craft beer industry and couldn't be happier about joining The Good Hop team. The Good Hop is a hub of great beer and great people, and the opportunity to engage with our awesome customers and friends is one I am loving every minute of!"

Bar Manager / Events Coordinator
Bailey Moore
Bailey is a San Diego native making her way through the beer culture one beer at a time. Enjoying a variety of styles, she's never afraid to try something new and unique. She first discovered craft beer when a family friend opened a brewery along a beautiful beach in San Diego—she knew it was love at first sip and was in it for the long run. Four years later, she is constantly amazed by how far craft beer culture has come and how it continues to grow. The scientific aspect of it encourages a continual learning experience (not to mention how playful it can be!). Becoming a part of TGH team is a dream come true for Bailey; it's a small group that feels like family. Having these connections with fellow beer folks makes for a great time here at The Good Hop!