The Good Hop Bottle Shop
2421 Telegraph Avenue, #102, Oakland, California 94612


April Art Reception at The Good Hop feat. Brandon Case & Aaron Ruiz
4/15/2017 11:00:00 PM UTC - 4/16/2017 2:00:00 AM UTC
2421 Telegraph Avenue, #102, Oakland, California, 94612
Experience Oakland through the eyes of our two featured artists this month.

Brandon Case photographs his experience of Oakland, often while moving through the city on his skateboard. This black and white series pulls poignant, yet everyday moments out of the fray and into focus through his lens.

Aaron Ruiz' collection of art pieces blends the subcultures of skateboarding, DJing, videogames and music to create a colorful, engaging vision of the world through his eyes. 

Join both of the artists at The Good Hop this Saturday, April 15th from 4pm - 7pm. Meet the people behind the art, sip on a beer or two with them, and celebrate the beauty, soul and grit of The Town.