The Good Hop Bottle Shop
2421 Telegraph Avenue, #102, Oakland, California 94612


Farm Creek 1 Year Anniversary Tour @ The Good Hop 9-6-17
9/6/2017 10:00:00 PM UTC - 9/7/2017 5:00:00 AM UTC
2421 Telegraph Avenue, #102, Oakland, California, 94612
Farm Creek Brewing in Walnut Creek is turning one! To celebrate, the Farm Creek Crew is doing a Bay tour of all their original accounts, and The Good Hop is the one of the next stops!

Owner Randy Janinda and the rest of the team will be coming through on Wednesday, September 6th to hang with the TGH Crew and sip on some of their beers with us.

Draft line-up:

A light to medium-light bodied ale, golden in color. Easy drinking and refreshing, but with more character than a standard lager. Cream ales use flaked corn and corn sugar to gives hints of sweetness and a smooth finish. Liberty hops impart a slight floral aroma, with hints of lemon zest.
Single-hopped with Centennial for a traditional West Coast flavor. Aromatic with moderate bitterness, a hop-forward balance, a medium-light body, and a clean, slightly dry finish. Flavor profiles include floral, earthy, and citrus. Subtle notes of geranium, lemon, and grapefruit.
Big and juicy, this New England Style Double, or possibly Triple, IPA (TBD - "Imperial" includes both) is copiously dry-hopped and brewed with oats and wheat for a silky smooth, creamy, juice-like body. Big fruity aromas of papaya and peach from Mosaic, Citra, Amarillo, and Equanot hops. Slight resinous sweetness balanced with mild hoppy bitterness. Slight warming from alcohol content, but a clean, slightly resinous finish.
Brewed with Pavel Anisimov of DOZE for Pro-Am entry to GABF. Presents a slightly sweet aroma of chocolate and coffee. A creamy, full mouthfeel but finishes slightly dry with a light bitterness that barely lingers between sips. Tastes of medium-dark chocolate and coffee without the acid/tannic character. Moderate roastines, like drinking a coffee with a little cream and sugar. Cold conditioned with cold-brewed Honduran coffee from Rooted Coffee Co. in Walnut Creek.