The Good Hop Bottle Shop
2421 Telegraph Avenue, #102, Oakland, California 94612


Oakland First Fridays @ The Good Hop
11/4/2016 10:00:00 PM UTC - 11/5/2016 6:00:00 AM UTC
2421 Telegraph Avenue, #102, Oakland, California, 94612
Every Oakland local with any kind of knowledge knows what they're doing on the first Friday of the month---they're headed down to Telegraph Avenue to see and be seen and experience the glory and weirdness of Oakland. One of Oakland's first and still most exciting street fairs, First Friday / Art Murmur, offers up a taste of a little of everything that makes Oakland such a great place to live---an amazing and diverse art scene, hella tight musical groups (with one of the street stages set up right outside TGH's door every month), unusual performance artists, great East Bay food vendors on every corner, and a wide array of booths hawking local goods.
The Good Hop is smack dab in the middle of the portion of Telly that gets shut down every month, and we get rowdy up in here! We feature a new artist's work each month, just to allow you to feel like you're getting some culture up in your piece as you're kicking back on Friday! Come pack in it with everyone who comes in to feel good, drink some beer, eat their food truck goodies, and check out some art and whatnot. Our #wallobeer is stocked full to allow for you to take plenty of beer to go in case you feel like roaming. Come early, get yourself a seat by the window, and watch the parade of humanity walk by. It's Oaktown at its finest!